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 Embarking on a Treasure Hunt: Good Advice for Your Antique Hunting Road Trip - Copy

February 12, 20245 min read

“Whether it is a day trip or a cross-country road trip, discovering unique antique shops full of vintage treasures makes memories that can last a lifetime.”

The open road, a sense of adventure, and the promise of discovering unique treasures – there's something magical about an antique hunting road trip. Whether you're a seasoned collector or you feel like you are a novice to antiques, hitting the highway in search of hidden gems can be a thrilling experience. At Saugatuck Antique Pavilion, we're not just passionate about providing a vast array of unique antique finds; we're also committed to ensuring your antique hunting road trip is as enjoyable and successful as possible. Here's some good advice to make your journey memorable:

1. Chart Your Course

Chart Your Course Antique Hunt

If you are an avid antique collector, then traveling to new locales will open the door to a whole range of undiscovered antiques. Depending on the type of artifacts and collectibles that you are interested in, you will have to choose the destinations for your road trip very wisely and allocate a sufficient amount of time to each location along the way so that you get the best value out of this journey. Not every trip needs to take you thousands of miles away, and sometimes a day trip to someplace a few hours away that can offer a great experience. Whether it is a day trip or a cross-country road trip, discovering unique antique shops full of vintage treasures makes memories that can last a lifetime.

If your trip is exclusively dedicated to the antique hunt, determine how long you plan on spending and pick your destination. From there, look for other shops along the way to break up the trip there and back. If on the other hand, you are traveling for other reasons, such as a family vacation or weekend get away, check the map for places along the way and near your destination so you can schedule some stops. You are bound to find great new antique spots or revisit some old favorites, that will help break up the time on the road.

Our Antique Road Trip Tip: Consider charting a course that includes the Saugatuck Antique Pavilion. Located in the heart of the Midwest on west Michigan's beautiful Lakeshore, our 24,000 square foot antique haven is not only a destination in itself, but also a launchpad to other antique hotspots in the region along the Lakeshore Antique Trail.

2. Bring Essentials for Antique Exploration

Tools for Antique Hunt

You may not need to pack for Mt. Everest, but bringing a certain set of tools and resources may set you up for antique hunting success. Some basics like a magnifying glass, small measuring tape and a small flashlight can really come in handy. If you collect specific things, these tools will help you inspect items closely and discover what you can about the condition and origin of your newfound treasure. Be aware that many antique malls and shops do not permit you to bring large backpacks or bags, so keep it to some bare essentials when you go into a shop. It also doesn't hurt to keep your hands free for when you are browsing.

3. Research, Research, Research

Research Antique Hunting

Before you hit the road, conduct a little research. Not only can you check the hours and investigate the different shops along the way, but you can research the types of antiques you're interested in and the specific items you hope to find. Saugatuck Antique Pavilion's website and social media can serve as valuable resources for understanding the kind of treasures you might encounter. Sites like Worthpoint offer resources that scour past auctions and online platforms for the sales prices of antiques and collectibles. Armed with knowledge, you'll be better prepared to spot authentic pieces and make informed decisions.

6. Seek Local Recommendations

As you venture into new territory, tap into the local knowledge of antique enthusiasts to make sure you don't miss any easily overlooked shops. Saugatuck Pavilion's connections with other antique stores in the region make us a valuable source for recommendations. When you are checking out at an antique shop you like, ask them if they can recommend any other good shops in the area. They often will point you towards hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path antique shops that may not be widely known. Aside from a few small holdouts, most antique stores are enthusiastic to help in the spirit of collaboration rather than competition.

4. Engage with others online & document your Journey

People love antiquing and sharing their finds on social media. Antiquing is not just about finding objects; it's about connecting with a community of fellow enthusiasts. Engage with others through social media and share your own finds, seek advice, and immerse yourself in the stories of other collectors. Our diverse community brings a wealth of knowledge and a shared passion for the art of antiquing. Your antique hunting road trip is a unique adventure, so be sure to capture the stories behind your finds, take photos of the quaint shops you visit, and tag the shops you visit along the way. Sharing your journey on social media adds to the collective joy of antiquing. Tag the locations you visit so others can discover some of the great places you uncover!

Conclusion: Enjoy the Treasure Hunt

Embarking on an antique hunting road trip is not just about the items you bring home but the experiences you gather along the way. Your road trip becomes a journey filled with anticipation, discovery, and the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures. Safe travels, happy hunting, and may each antique tell a story that becomes a cherished part of your own!

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