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Antiquing 101: What Makes a Good Antique Mall?

September 05, 20235 min read

Antiquing is like hunting for treasure; you are looking for the best antique items. Besides, it requires a unique skill set. These skills that help you find quality items are cultivated from patience, practice, and research. In simpler terms, learning the art of flawless antiquing takes time, and if you are new, you may want to expand your knowledge.

Finding a credible antique store/mall is among the most common problems buyers face when looking for antiques. Ideally, you want to be as informed a connoisseur as possible. Do you need help understanding what makes an excellent antique store or mall? We have a list of the things you should look for when picking a place for antique shopping.


Essential Factors for Selecting a Mall/ Store for Antiquing

Several factors determine the best antique mall for antique collectible shopping. Here are some top things to keep in mind when choosing a store for antiquing.


Location is among the first few things that customers consider when finding an antique mall.

Ideally, the best antique malls are located near well-traveled routes or highways. For several reasons, you will find most antique stores in local markets and highway malls. The most common reason is that tourists and travelers often like to visit antique stores and malls for souvenirs they can take back home as presents for their loved ones. Therefore, such locations provide the storeowners with a steady customer stream.

But what does the location have for customers like you, who want the most treasured and collectible antiques? Well, the steady stream of customers and sales at these malls allow more room for collectible antique and vintage items.

Of course, you should never ignore your commute time and distance. However, chances are that you will find some of the best antique pieces at highway antique stores. Not to mention, you are more likely to find appealing antiques from stores and malls run by craftsmen and local artisans.

What else? You may be able to find artisans and craftsmen that specialize in customized antiques.

Store/ Mall Staff

No matter the type of items you want to purchase, the store or mall staff plays a significant role in determining your shopping experience. The workers/ salespersons at any shopping facility can highly influence your preferences and whether or not you would like to revisit the store/ mall.

Like any other customer, you also prefer helpful and friendly mall employees. Smiling staff members who are always willing to help visitors can help you find the best antique pieces you will never regret buying.

Therefore, friendly and helpful store staff is critical when choosing an antique store/ mall.

Customer Traffic

Considerable customer traffic at an antique store or mall can help you determine the quality of antiques. Observing the traffic at a store can give you a similar idea to customer reviews or feedback. Significant traffic acts as the mall/ store alternative to client testimonials.

Ideally, when choosing a mall or store for antiquing, you should look around for customers and queues at checkout counters. Other factors that can give you some idea include the number of buyers in each antique booth at a mall or the number of cars in the parking lot. All these things can help you determine the volume, which gives you an idea of the quality of antiques.

Mall Restrictions and Policies

All antique malls and stores have different operational values and methods depending on the management and ownership. While investigating each mall is optional, and you should not have to do it each time, it is a good idea nevertheless.

That said, here are some variables regarding mall/ store restrictions and policies you should know about.

Merchandise restrictions: Many antique malls/ stores have limitations on the type of items being sold. For instance, sellers in specific malls only need to sell “truly” antique items.

Discount Policies: Different antique malls and stores have different policies regarding sales and discounts. Ideally, you want to pick a mall that favors your shopping experience by giving you excellent opportunities to avail discounts and offers.


If you genuinely love antiques, you will agree that choosing a place to buy them is similar to choosing a lover or friend. Therefore, purchasing your antiques from a reputable mall is critical for an excellent shopping experience.

Consider reading customer reviews and feedback online if you want to learn about an antique mall or store’s reputation and credibility. You can find sufficient information about a specific mall’s practices and services by reading reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. These platforms can provide new and potential customers valuable insights about shopping places.

Remember that knowledge is power; therefore, you should consider what previous customers think. Practice due diligence before spending a considerable amount of your income on antique items.

Operational Hours

Besides location, you want to ensure that you visit the antique mall during operational hours. Visiting a store a few hours after it opens can help you find the best antique items before they get sold out.

Similarly, if you are usually busy during the day, you want to pick an antique mall/ store that opens up later during the day. Late-opening stores also close later in the evening, offering you a higher chance to fish for the best antiques.


Parking is another considering factor that can affect your shopping experience. Here are a few questions to help determine an antique mall’s parking.

·         Does the antique mall have enough secure parking for both consumers and dealers?

·         Is the parking lot well-kept, with places that are correctly marked?

·         Is there a specific area designated for dealer/employee parking? Is there a special place to load and unload oversized, bulky furniture items?

·         Is there a place nearby where I can park extra cars?

·         Is there free parking available nearby?

Bottom Line

Location, staff, customer traffic, mall policies and restrictions, operational hours, and parking can significantly impact your shopping experience at an antique mall/ store. Keep these factors in mind before picking a mall to purchase antiques.

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