CPSC Compliance Efforts

In an effort to help protect the consumer from certain known non-child-safe products, the USCPSC has provided the Saugatuck Antique Pavilion with the tools and resources needed to educate ourselves as it relates to certain “DURABLE NURSERY PRODUCTS” that have been banned due to: (a) safety issues and (b) non-compliance with current safety standards and regulations.

As of August 27, 2019 we will restrict the sale of all “Durable Nursery Products” such as but not limited to: old strollers, old high chairs, old child restraint seats and the likes that do not comply with CURRENT Federal Safety Standards as identified within the links provided below.

Adoption of these procedures is not only vital in the protection of our patrons and their families but it is an absolute must as it relates to the dealer’s liability as a retail seller of vintage, collectible and antique items that relate to child and consumer safety.

Resale/Thrift Stores Information Center:

Resale and Thrift Store Frequently Asked Questions:

To see if a consumer product is already recalled:

For free safety guides, safety alerts:

For anyone to report an incident:

Lawn Darts Cannot be sold: